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- The New Girl {Chapter Four, all in Cat’s POV}
- Quinn Fabray. That was all she could think about. She wondered if the very beautiful blonde girl even liked… scratch that, /loved/ her back. She was unsure of it, mostly because Cat seemed like everyone thought she was extremely retarted or stupid or bipolar. The truth was, Cat didn’t have any real problems at all. She was only covering up the pain she had from home.. Her parents didn’t pay attention to her very much, and when they did, it was to yell at her. They thought she was on drugs, that she hung out with the wrong people, that she was like most teenagers her age. But she wasn’t. She was a very good student, and daughter. They only payed attention to her brother, Frankie, who was 20 years old and still living with his parents. But then again, he had so many problems. Maybe he was retarded and bipolar. Or maybe he was dropped on his head too many times when he was an infant. Cat really hated her family. She wanted to be in a family that actually acted like they cared, or at least pretended, unlike her biological parents. She just wanted to be able to act normal, instead of like some 5-year-old child who ate too much candy or drank too much soda. But she knew that was never going to happen. She had been staring off into space since after Quinn passed by her spanish classroom in the hall. She decided she was going to make that girl love her no matter what she had to do to make it happen. She would even break the law. She had to at least kiss her. Its all she’s ever wanted since she first started the day. Well, when she first saw Quinn. She almost forgot her name earlier! How stupid and pathetic was that? The girl she thought she was completely in love with, she had forgotten her name. Gosh, Cat! Get it through your thick skull and remember her name!!

- The New Girl {Chapter Three, Completely in Quinn’s POV}
- Quinn Fabray. She had it all. But now it seemed like her life was a trainwreck. She loved her boyfriend, Finn, very much, but this girl. This innocent, cute, bubbly, red velvet-headed girl, had her spinning around in circles in her mind and she thought she couldn’t stop. She made her heart flutter and skip a few beats. She made her smile from ear to ear and she even made her ask to leave class, just to go cry in the girl’s bathroom. She was terrified of this feeling, and she wanted it to stop. Her life was just fine before Cat came along. But she still liked the girl and she had to find out what was up with her. Why did she act so serious about such ridiculous things? And why was she so sweet and bubbly and hyper and so damn cute. It made Quinn want to pull her hair out. She decided to ignore the feeling, even if it meant avoiding Cat completely. She would give up everything to make sure she didn’t fall in love with one Caterina Hannah Valentine. As she walked to the bathroom for the fifth time today, she noticed the red-head in the spanish classroom. She waved at Quinn, smiling as wide as the ocean. Quinn couldn’t help but smile and wave back, opening the door to the bathroom to find a ralfing Santana Lopez. She gagged at the stench, knocking on the stall door. “San? You okay in there?” Santana stopped throwing up and stood up, wiping her mouth and turning around to face the blonde girl “Yeah, Coach is making us drop more.. I can’t keep up, Q” Quinn slowly shook her head, contemplating on quitting the Cheerio’s, but shook off the thought immediatley. This Cat girl was really getting on her nerves. Well, her feelings for Cat anyways. “So, Q, what are you thinking about? Finn? ‘Cause I’d seriously pay one-hundred dollars just to fiddle with his manboobs.” “Whaa?” Quinn looked up at the latina girl, tilting her head in confusion. She had not been paying attention until Santana had said ‘manboobs’ “Fabray, are you feeling alright? You don’t seem yourself lately..” She didn’t know if she was okay or not, but she quickly nodded and walked out of the bathroom, sprinting out of the large school completely and ignoring the rest of her classes, drove home.

- The New Girl {Chapter Two}
- Quinn was walking down the hall to her locker, when she noticed the cute red-headed girl she saw earlier that morning. She was in awe at how the girl could take something so silly so seriously. She found this “Cat” girl odd. What’s with her name? It must stand for something, of course. Quinn Fabray has some studying to do, and it has nothing to do with school.

- Cat, who was talking to a very tall, awkward boy, and had no idea what he was talking about. He commented on her hair very often and of course, she had no choice but to say “What’s that supposed to mean?!”. This was her catch phrase, which she thought of herself. She decided to ignore him after a while and quickly closed her locker and simply walked away, passing by the beautiful blonde girl she had seen earlier. Oh chiz, she was gorgeous. Cat was completely starstruck by this girl and it had only been two hours into the school day. She didn’t have the courage to talk to her, so she waved and smiled widely at ummmm. What was her name? Oh yeah! Quinn..

- The New Girl~ Caterina Hannah Valentine was getting ready for her first day at William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. She was terriffied, as she had just moved to this silly town just a week before. She wanted to move back to LA, go to school at Hollywood Arts, see her friends. Although, she wanted to start a new life, meet new people, have new experiences. She grabbed her backpack and walked downstairs, glancing at the pictures in the hallway her mother had set up. She sighed softly, going into the kitchen. “Hi mom.”, she said as she looked at her mother with her big brown eyes. “I gotta go, I’ll be late.” “Alright, hunn” Her mother grabbed the car keys and they headed off. Cat turned on her iPod, putting both earbuds in her ears. She looked around the school as her mother pulled into the parking lot, it was casual, lots of football players and cheerleaders, but there was one in particular that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of. Quinn Fabray, head Cheerio (cheerleader), dating the quarter back, Finn Hudson. She had it all, but she would never expect an innocent, red-headed seventeen year-old to have a crush on her. Not in this world, anyway. Cat had already gotten out of the car when Quinn noticed something red out of the corner of her eye. It was a girl. She had never seen such a beautiful one in her life either. It was crazy how in just one second, she had fallen in love, and with a girl. It scared her, not too much. She shrugged it off as the red-head walked past her, into the school.

My drawing of my name. :)

My drawing of my name. :)



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